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Posted by Dennis Rowe on

We often hear how wonderful it must be to live on the farm and have the freedom on doing what you love and work when you want to work. Yes, some of this is true. Like postmen... in the rain, heat, snow and sleet work continues. :)   Our days begin while most are tucked into bed and late evenings we make headlamps look like designer headbands. 

Dennis works full time on the farm but as he often will say " I work harder today than I ever have in my life!" Don't get me wrong, we fully accept the work and wouldn't change a thing about our life. God has paved a way for our family to grow food we feed our family, to have comfort in knowing where it comes from, control what's in our food all while being able to provide others the same lifestyle. 

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your children accept responsibilities around the farm and understand when they sit at the table for our family meals that they have contributed in the family farm that God has provided us. God has really blessed our family in so many ways... while the work is hard the work is GOOD. 



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