Yellowfin Ahi Tuna - Wild Caught Sashimi-grade

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We provide a Sashimi-grade Yellowfin which is wild caught from remote Indonesia and the Philippine islands.   With a deep blue color and yellow fins on the outside, the meat of this large-species tuna is translucent and brilliant red.  A favorite among sushi and seafood lovers worldwide, Yellowfin is renowned for its superb flavor and sweet tender meat. In addition to eating ahi tuna as a raw delicacy, Yellowfin is also excellent for grilling. Typically seared and left rare on the inside results in a purplish color, tender texture and fabulous flavor.

This sustainably harvested abundant natural resource is an excellent source of protein. 100% all natural product comes directly from nature with no preservatives for our partner fisherman and his boats. These skinless boneless portions come individually vacuum packing and weight 6 ounces. 

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