PET Shampoo and Body Spray

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 Rowe Family Farms offers a Pet Shampoo and Between Shampoo Odor Neutralizing Pet Spray. The scent is fresh, clean and is gender neutral. Soothing Pet Wash: is a 2:1 Shampoo and Conditioner that is highly concentrated, a small amount goes a long way. (4.75 net ounces) Pet Body Spray is a neutralizing spray using Zinc ricinoleate as a main ingredient which is a naturally renewable odor neutralizer that traps and absorbs odors-not a masking. This product can be lightly sprayed directly on pets coat rubbing or using brush afterwards while avoiding direct contact with eyes and mouth. (5 net ounces) This product can be used on bedding as well. Both products are pet safe if used as directly!  Both products are vegan based with main ingredients to include: Coconut, colloidal oatmeal and Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil