Pasture Raised Whole Chicken -Shipping Not Available - LOCAL DELIVERY AVAILABLE

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Enjoy the clean living with Rowe Family Farms Pasture Raised Whole Chicken locally raised in Cleveland, TN on our family farm!  Rowe Family Farms is proud to offer a Pasture Raised Whole Chicken no added growth hormones or antibiotics.  Our Pasture Raised Chicken is raised in a natural low stress environment with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and on grass with fresh water.  

Our chicken is in plastic vacuumed sealed packages. We process our chicken at a small family processer with USDA inspection.  Pricing is set per package based on average weight.  

***Neck bones included.***

For Local Purchase only!  For other cuts email or call for pricing and availability (423) 650-2891or  Free Free Local Delivery for orders of $25.00.