Pasture Raised Pork Leaf Fat

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Enjoy the clean living with Rowe Family Farms Pasture Raised Pork Leaf Fat is grown locally.  Pork leaf fat is soft fat that comes from around the kidneys. It is considered to be the very best fat to make premium lard.  Leaf Fat Lard is known to be the best lard to make  biscuits, pie crusts and even cookies. It produces a very flaky crust and is favored because the pork flavor is very little compared to regular pork lard. 

Our Pasture Raised Pork is raised with no added growth hormones .  Meat is individually plastic vacuumed sealed packages .  Pricing is set per package based on average weight of 1 pound.  

How to render lard:

  • Pop package into freezer about 30 min's before making lard.
  • Remove from package, slice 1/4 inch thick or little larger. 
  • After sliced, dice into small cubes. The smaller the pieces allows to render more fat. (Note: Food processor will be your friend) 
  • Use a heavy sauce pot (cast iron works great) on medium heat a range. 
  • Add 1/2 cup of water for each pound of leaf fat you are rendering. 
  • Allow water to come to boiling point. (Adding water prevents the fat from burning or scorching when it begins to heat up)
  • Once water is hot, reduce to lowest setting.
  • Place diced fat into pot. Use utensil to stir throughout the process about every 20-30 minutes.
  • The water will evaporate and you'll have liquid fat in about 3 hours. 
  • Once all water has evaporated and leaf fat has rendered.  Use cheese cloth to strain the leaf fat in a strainer. I drain directly into mason jar.   
  • Add leaf fat back into your pot and continue to render for another 3 hours. Stain again, at this point depending on the amount of leaf fat you may have extracted all the lard you can with the exception of a few tablespoons.  You can continue to cook for Cracklins. 
  • Your first drain off will appear slightly yellowish in color and cool to a white lard. Your next few drains will gradually darken due to the fat cooking through instead rendering. 

Note: I have rendered fat in a crockpot with great success but it's more time consuming. 


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