Hunters Kits - Cover Up Spray/Soap

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Rowe Family Farms has just the thing for hunters or nature enthusiasts. We make in small batches a Hunters Soap and Spray sold in kit and individually.  Hunters soap is made with skin loving oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, sunflower seed oil and is scented with Mother Nature smell (gardening dirt).  Our Hunter Spray is an odor neutralizing spray that neutralizes our unique body scent and should be sprayed on clothing and gear. This spray is safe to use on most pets and skin types.  Our Hunters Spray complements our Hunters Soap and is scented in Mother Nature (gardening soil)


Our kit is designed  uniquely to Rowe Family Farms and our family and friends who are active hunters. We do not design our products like similar products that mask and have to be reapplied several times. These products neutralize our scent in a scent animals are accustomed to smelling. This product is not just for hunters but nature enthusiast who love to watch animals in their natural habitat while viewing or capturing in a digital format. 


Hunters Kit contains - Hunters Soap 3.5 ounces (Kit) and Hunters Spray 2.0 ounces