Bass Fish Car Freshy

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Our Bass Fish Car Freshy are adorable and comes in many wonderful scents and colors.   However they can be customized to whatever you would like with base color.  Just add comments and contact info to discuss. 

We have many in stock, however if not they can be made quickly with a 3-5 days  lead time but usual turn around time is 24-48 hours.   Each Bass Fish Freshy is  5 X 4  inches and comes with a hanger and decorated with a small bobber. 

 If you've never used one before, you're probably thinking, "what in the world is a 'freshy'?" Well, they're hanging air fresheners that can be used in your car, your locker, gym bags,  dresser drawers, closet, really anywhere etc.

They is a freshy made of?  Fragrance oil, colorant and Aroma beads. Aroma beads are clear polymer beads that are made to absorbing fragrance.

How long do they last? This is a hard question because so many variables to consider? Cold temps tend to decrease the fragrance while warm temps release the fragrance.  Depending on temp and where you place them, they can last 30 - 90 days... even longer again depending on environment. 

What do I do with the freshy once it's lost it's scent?  I personally make my freshy to be small works of art. Many customers add magnets to them and hang them on the refrigerator and even decorate trees with the freshies. Remember, you can become nose blind to the scent. Place the freshy back in the bag it was came in and pull it back out after a couple days. You may not smell the scent any longer but other people will notice.