Oh no! I forgot to lay out something for dinner

Posted by Dennis Rowe on

I work long hours through the week off the farm. Dennis takes care of most of the meal for the kids. It's odd how our lives have changed, I would ask for kitchen gadgets for birthday gifts. Now Dennis asks for kitchen gadgets.  Like most busy parents with three kids, we are always looking for ways to make our life easier. Nothing is worse than getting home after a long day and remembering you didn't take anything out to thaw to prepare a meal. Often times we resort to making poor choices and quick meals. 

Dennis asked for an InstaPot    for his birthday. We use this at least a few times each week. We both were amazed because the first thing he prepared was a frozen whole chicken in less than 45 min's. I then thought it would be very tasty... we were both pleasantly surprised. We judge our meals by our kids. All parents know the dreaded negotiations at dinner , the strategically moved around food on their plate and my favorite is how many trips to the bathroom can one kid make. :)   So, to our surprise so far with the exception of spaghetti our kids have loved the chili, whole chicken, beef stew, dried beans and pot roast we have made in the Insta Pot. The model we purchased is DU060, it's six quarts and perfect for our family of five. 



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