Body Butter, Lip Balm , Soap OH MY!

Posted by Jenny Rowe on

I began a few years ago making body butter for my children who have eczema, and "BAM" I caught the fever. I have always been very creative, for me making lip balms, body butter, lotion, detergent, soaps allows freedom for creativity. I work full time for a wonderful company, but work many long hours. This allows me time to decompress and be artistic even if I make something that is a flop. 

One of my newest adventures is using organic botanical and traditional method of infusing botanical in carrier oils for bath products. For those of you who would like to try, use about a 1/4 cup of organic botanical with a good quality raw unrefined carrier oil in a mason jar. Fill with oil to the bottom ring and cap, place in nice cool dark are for up to six weeks. Every week, shake the jar. You then strain the botanical from the oil and you have infused oil. 

Using this method I have made, lip balm, body butter and soap. I was disappointed the first batch of soap because of my impatience to much honey was added without diluted combine hot oil and what do you know....  a volcano of soap erupted from the mold due to overheating. So when life gives you lemons... you make lemonade. I sliced the bars and used them with avocado butter bar.  I mean really, can you let six weeks of Calendula infused oil go to waste.. NO!  The picture posted is the soap I made from my mistake and impatiences.

This mistake made me think, mistakes are often thought of as just that. However, most mistakes are not the end of the world but the beginning of a wonderful new adventure. I can tell you in my life I have made many many mistakes, as scripture tells us....we are sin and make mistakes daily.  Then I look back and see how God has used all those mistakes and how he was in the mists the situation directing that "MISTAKE". While I thought it was the worst possible thing, it actually turned into a beautiful piece of art!  Just like God's plan and purpose for our lives. 




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